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Infrared is the cutting edge technology for home inspections. With this technology our inspectors can see what is going on behind your walls that may not be visible to the naked eye. This technology allows us to detect water damage, air leaks and other potential problems.  ​



​​​Our  Services 

  •   Residential Home Inspection The home inspection is one of the most important steps when buying a home. A licensed and qualified home inspector will perform a visual inspection of the property from top to bottom, including all the main systems. The inspector is the last line of defense against buying a problem house with major defects. 

  • Wind Mitigation Inspection is an inspection of key features of your home that may decrease the amount of damage your home suffers during high winds. The inspection may entitle you to certain premium reductions on your insurance.


  • 4-PointInspection It is the inspection of the four main components of the home including Air Conditioning, Electrical, Plumbing and Roof. This is typically required from the insurance companies.

  • Radon   Testing for the presence of radon gas within the structure. ​

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Neal Development Group
​Home inspections and construction observation services for home, banks, and commercial in Tavares and throughout central Florida. 
Office:  (352) 240-1360   (407) 205-1115
Fax:  (321) 250-4814​

​​Why Do You Need A Home Inspection ?

Our Home Inspectors have the knowledge and attention to detail that could save you money and frustration when buying a home. A home inspection gives you the ability to know about any safety issues or major repairs that will need to be done before you buy your dream home.