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At Neal Development Group, we offer a full range of inspections on new construction projects.  

The typical sequence of a residential phased new construction inspection consists of 4 Phases:

*Phases can be arranged or eliminated depending on your needs

Every new building should be inspected by an unbiased professional.  Many of the defects we discover as we inspect older buildings date back to the original construction.  Some builders cut corners and even honest builders make mistakes.  A new construction inspection can help provide peace of mind knowing that your beautiful new property is well built.

Neal Development Group 4 Phase New Construction Inspection - Start to Finish 

Phase 1: Foundation Pre-Pour Inspection:This inspection is preformed just prior to the placement of concrete.  We inspect items such as Excavation, Shoring and Re-Shoring, Forms, Footings, etc.


Shoring and Re-shoring



Moisture Barriers


Phase 3: Pre-Drywall Inspection:

This inspection is preformed following the installation of framing, plumbing and electrical rough-in and just prior to the placement of insulation and drywall. 







Electrical Rough-In

Plumbing Rough-In

Phase 2: Lintel Inspection:

This phase is for block construction.  The block, window layout and a pre-inspection of the lintel and block cells are inspected.  Re-Bar connections, proper size steel and proper stationing of poured cells are checked.

Post-Tension Cabling


Lintel and Block cells

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Ideal Candidates for our 4 Phase New Construction Inspection services:

* First-Time New Home or New Construction Buyer

* Past Unpleasant Experience or distrust of the Builder

*Out-of-Town Buyer

who needs local representation 

*Busy Professional or Executive who doesn't have time to monitor the project

New Construction Inspections 

An inspection of new construction is not the same as a typical inspection because of the added complexity of assuring each stage of the building process is properly constructed.  As an owner of a new property you want your property to be perfect and to assure that it is important to watch each phase of the construction process. Very few inspectors have the background and licensing to do this effectively. Neal Development Group has the underground utility and general contractor's licence to oversee the construction process from beginning to end.​​

Phase 4: Pre-Final Inspection & Final Walk-Through:

The Pre-Final Inspection is preformed a week prior to your scheduled final walk-through with your builder and our Final Walk-Through Inspection would be immediately prior to your final walk-through with your builder. The final Inspection includes all of the items in our Standard Pre-Closing 21 Point Inspection plus a complete follow-up to address cosmetic defects on all Interior Finishes including cabinets, drywall, floor coverings, plumbing fixtures, etc.  PLUS all Exterior Finishes such as sod and landscape, and mechanical, plumbing, electrical conditions, etc.

      Interior Finishes                                                           Exterior Finishes
      Doors & Windows                                                         Cabinetry
      Attics                                                                          Trim Carpentry
      Insulation (Visible)                                                       Door and Window Installation
      Structures                                                                   Foundations
      Plumbing Systems                                                        Crawl Spaces
      Electrical Systems                                                        Basements
      Fireplaces                                                                    Lot Drainage
      Heating Equipment                                                       Retaining Walls

      Air Conditioners                                                           Roofs
      Built-In Appliances                                                       Gutters and Downspouts
      Decks                                                                         Exterior Walls
      Porches and Steps                                                       Interior Walls
      Patios                                                                         Stairs and Railings
      Sidewalks                                                                   Ceilings
      Driveways                                                                   Floors
      Sprinkler Systems                                                       Water Penetration

      Swimming Pools/Spas                                                  Doors and Windows 
      Detached Buildings (Optional) 

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